By: Czarina Baticos

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind, whether you are a student, already working, interning or doing a work experience:

  • Don’t work for assholes. Don’t work with assholes. – Erick Sprekermann

You should not tolerate people who are not too keen working with you. It is better to work at a place or with people who will always make you look forward to coming to work.

  • Travel makes you creative. – Nick Couch

Why? Travelling gives you a new perspective. It refreshes your mind and knowledge. You learn about new cultures and traditions. You discover and experience new things.

  • Ask yourself, what matters to me? And am I doing it? – David Hieatt

From time to time, learn to pause and ask yourself these questions. It is always a good thing to remind yourself what matters to you most. At times, a person can get side-track and giving yourself the time to reflect on the things that you are doing now will help you see your life in a bigger picture. 

  • No Guts, No Glory! – Morag Myerscough

If you know that you have a great idea to propose, then have that confidence to share it to others. If you want to try something different or something that is out of your comfort zone, do it! You will never know the result if you don’t take that one attempt. You might gain or lose some, but it is better to try than to not. 

  • It’s important to love what you are attempting to do, as it takes a lot of attempts to do what you love. – Get Mullered & Dance

It is simple: Do what you love or Love what you do, is equal to having a happy and healthy life.